Bridle Bunch Meeting

January 10, 2022



  • Introduction of adult leaders

    • Vicki Benge and Michelle Schmalz

  • Overview of our club

    • Meet 2nd Monday of each month

    • Dues is $10 and goes toward club expenses 

    • You don’t have to have a horse to be in our club

    • Paperwork

      • All of our paperwork and forms are available for download from our website

    • How to reach out to us

    • How to know what’s happening

      • Read emails that are send out

      • Join our Facebook and Instagram pages


  • Introduction of youth leadership members

    • Alissa Benge

    • Kyler Schmalz

    • Emma Gregory

    • MaryClaire Tetrick

    • Lucy Kadel

    • Morgan Buckingham

    • Suzanna Miskimen

    • Maddy Gillispie

    • Morgen Langdon

    • Delaney Seaborne- not in attendance

    • Annabelle Fuller - not in attendance

  • How to vote for officers

    • Click on this link to vote for officers, only members should vote

  • Fair eligibility - 

    • Alissa and Susanna went over the requirements for showing at the 2022 fair.  

      • 7 activities have to be completed total

      • 4 activities must come from the project book, or all 7 activities can be from the book

      • The other 3 may be from attending an educational event put on by Bridle Bunch 

        • These include meeting with a guest speaker or a clinic

        • Open arenas, show, and meeting without a guest speaker do not count

        • The personal form must be signed my an adult leader at the event

  • Fundraising - 

  • Hippology and Judging

  • T-shirt designs

    • 1 design per member

    • One sides, on white paper with 1 color for hte design

    • Bridle Bunch or Hendricks County Horse and Pony Club somewhere in the design

    • Email designs to bridle bunch by Feb. 9

    • Voting will take place after the Feb. meeting

  • Important dates

    • Jan. 15 deadline to enroll in 4H

    • Schooling show and halter clinic registration will be coming in March. 


  • Don't forget to fill out this Form by January 22 to tell us what guest speakers you'd like to see at one of our meetings and what clinics you'd like us to have.

  • If you are a senior or intermediate and are interested in jumping at the fair this year fill out this Form by January 22 to let us know. We will only have jumping if we have enough people interested.

Bridle Bunch Meeting

February 14, 2022



*Pledges - lead by leadership team

*Leadership Officers

President - Mary Claire

Vice President - Emma 

Secretary - Kyler

Treasurer - Morgan

Historian - Alissa


*Lease Agreement

Due to the extension office by May 15



T-shirt Sponsors

Donation Script

Donation Receipt

Sponsorship Form


*Flower Sales 

Information should be coming in the mail

Order form due date and pick up information coming soon

Earn points on your point tracker


*Fair Schedule

Saturday - Sr. Western and Versatility

Sunday - Sr. English and contesting

Monday - Jr. Western and contesting

Tuesday - Jr. English

Thursday - Int. Western and contesting

Friday - Int. English and versatility


*Important Dates

March meeting date change - 3/21

Halter clinic/open arena - April 23

Schooling show - April 24

Showbill and how to register available at the March meeting


*T-shirt designs - Vote Here!!!!

Voting will close on February 25th and an order form will be sent out the week of

February 27th with directions on how to order


*Other Forms

Personal Record

            2022 Vaccination Form


*Dr. Blackwell did a presentation on equine oral health

Bridle Bunch Meeting

March 21, 2022



  • Meeting brought to order - MaryClaire

  • Pledges - lead by leadership team

  • Treasurer Report - Morgan

  • Secretary Report - Kyler

  • Flower Sales 

    • Orders were due on Monday and have been turned in already

    • Pick up will be in late April, Bridle Bunch will have a set day and time to pick them up.  An email will be sent out when the date and time are known.

  • T-shirt orders

    • T-shirts will be ordered next week.

    • If you didn't get a chance to order one and would like one, send an email to 4hbridlebunch@gmail with size(s) by Sunday, March 27.  

    • They are $15.

  • Point Tracker

    • You can do things for our club to earn points.

    • Those points then can be used to “shop” at the BB shop.

      • Items are still being finalized but will include t-shirts, hats, horse care items, etc.

      • Each item will have a point value.

    • You must pay for $10 dues to be eligible to redeem your points.

  • Halter Clinic

    • April 23

    • We are still looking for volunteers to come help teach our members halter and showmanship techniques.

    • You must have a current 2022 vaccination form on hand anytime you bring a horse to the fairgrounds.

  • Schooling Show - April 24

    • Open to any 1st or 2nd year members - age and grade do not count.

    • This is a learning show, time will be taken to share information and answer questions.

    • Prior to the show, our leadership team will give a tour of the barn and the surrounding areas.

    • Registration

      • Please sign up here by April 16th if you plan to attend.

    • Showbill

      • This will be filled out on the day of the show and turned into the office.

    • Only 1 horse may be brought per rider.

    • Fees

      • Stalls - $20

        • Partial refund - $10 refund if cleaned

        • Full refund - if attending the halter clinic and barn tours and cleaned

      • $3 horse fee

      • $3 class fee

      • $5 lunch - optional

  • Important Dates - a complete list of dates can be found here

    • April 23 - Halter clinic/open arena

    • April 24 - Schooling show - 1st and 2nd year members only

    • May 1 - 4H open show

    • May 10 - open arena

    • May 15 - Contesting clinic and open arena

    • May 15 - Horses need to be registered on 4Honline

      • Any horse being shown at the fair must be registered.

      • Register any horse you might show, you don’t have to bring all horses that are registered.

      • More details and information on how to register will be available at the April meeting.

    • Fashion Show - Click                 to see the slides.

  • Fair Schedule

Saturday - Sr. Western and Versatility

Sunday - Sr. English and contesting

Monday - Jr. Western and contesting

Tuesday - Jr. English

Thursday - Int. Western and contesting

Friday - Int. English and versatility

April 11, 2022

Click below to see the slide presentation for the April meeting.

 Here is the slide presentation if you'd like to look it over.  We didn't cover every slide but will get to the ones missed at the June meeting.  

Important Upcoming Dates


May 10 - Open Arena  6:00-8:00 Volunteer Here

May 15 - Deadline to register horses on 4H online see directions below

May 15 - Lease agreements due to extension office

May 15 - Contesting Clinic 1:00-3:00 Volunteer Here

May 15 - Contesting Open Arena 4:00-6:00 Volunteer Here

May 24 - Open Arena 6:00-8:00  - volunteer opportunity coming soon

June 18 - 4H Open Show

June 26 - English Clinic 1:00-3:00

June 26 - Open Arena 4:00-6:00

Horse registration

Go to 4HOnline and sign into your account.  

Click the blue view button next to the member you want to add a horse.

Then choose animals from the column on the left.

Click the blue add animal button.

If you had horses registered on 4H online last you, you can pick them from the previously added animals, if not then choose the option to add a new animal.

On the pull down menu choose horse and pony as the animal type, add the name of your horse and click continue.

On the next page click on show questions, answer all the questions and click next.

The next page gives you the option to upload your vaccination form and lease form and 2 pictures of your horse (the pictures you have to upload).

Continue following the directions until you come to the submit/save button.

You’ll receive an email saying your horse is active.

Register any horse you think you might show, if the horse isn’t registered on 4H online by May 15, you won’t be able to show it at the fair.


Donations for Gift Baskets

This year we are going to try and make themed gift baskets that can either be in our silent auction or auctioned off on social media.  More information about these baskets will be coming soon!