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January 8, 2024

Meet our leaders


Adult leaders: Vicki Benge, Michelle Schmalz, and Hannah Menchhofer


Youth leadership team: Alissa Benge, Suzanne Miskamen, Lucy Kadel, Kyler Schmalz, Chevy Wardell, Brynna Horner, Elizabeth Calhoun, Vivian Preyss, Livie Emsweller, Ella Roesch, Brenda Calhoun, Kara Aus


Topics covers


Hippology - the study of horse

Meetings Tuesday at 6:30 through the end of March at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds.


T-shirt designs

  • Designs need to be submitted digitally by Feb 7th via email 

  • Only one design can be submitted per member

  • Designs should be one sided, on a white background with one color for the design

  • Bridle Bunch or Hendricks County Horse and Pony Club should be included somewhere in the design

  • It is optional to include the year 2024

  • Be creative!!!


Tentative Fair Schedule 


Saturday, July 14th - Senior check in

Sunday, July 15th - Senior Western/Contesting

Monday, July 16th - Senior English/Versatility

Wednesday, July 18th - Junior/Intermediate check in

Thursday, July 19th - Junior/Intermediate Western

Friday, July 20th - Junior/Intermediate English and Int Versatility

Saturday, July 21st - Junior/Intermediate Contesting

Volunteer Definitions

  • Office - Take money, give change, check registration, possibly enter and print class info, sort class slips- must be organized and focused

  • Class check-in - Announce class number and running order- need to be organized, able to speak loudly, comfortable reminding exhibitors of safety

  • Gate check in - Make sure participants are at the gate ready to enter the arena. Check off those who are present and radio for anybody missing.

  • Gates In - Open/close gates for exhibitor entry- check exhibitor name/number with class list

  • Gates Out - open exit gate for exhibitors to leave arena- make sure area is clear

  • Ribbons - Issue ribbons after classes- great for younger member with parent assistance

  • Runner - Take judge's cards, class lists where needed

  • Ring Steward - 14 years old or older with plenty of horse experience- assist judge in arena, direct exhibitors and relay judge's instructions- must be professional, listen well, able to direct exhibitors- long pants and boots required

  • Announcer - Experience required- pleasure show

  • Announcer assistant - Must be focused, calm, and able to be quiet- assist with paperwork and tracking results- good for someone interested in learning to announce

  • Tractor - Drag arena when needed- must be 18 or older- experience required

  • Concessions - Help set up, run concessions- issue food, take money

  • Standby, and Trail Set up


Important upcoming dates


Schooling show - Sunday, April 14

Halter and Showmanship clinic - Sunday, April 14 (prior to schooling show)

Lease agreements due - May 15

Horses registered on 4H online - May 15

Open show - May 25

**Vaccination forms are required anytime you bring a horse onto the fairgrounds**

Member interactions

Members voted on clinics and speakers to have this year. They also voted to elect officer positions for the youth leadership, positions will be announced at the February meeting.



Horse and Pony handbook

2024 vaccination form

Lease agreement


Our meeting was on Monday, February 12.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, March 11 @6:30


Congratulations to our 2024 officers

President - Alissa Benge

Vice President - Lucy Kadel

Secretary - Chevy Wardell

Treasure - Elizabeth Calhoun

Historian - Ella Roesch


Fair Schedule

  • Saturday, July 13th: Senior Check-In

  • Sunday, July 14th: Senior Western and Contesting

  • Monday, July 15th: Senior English and Versatility

  • Wednesday, July 17th: Junior/Intermediate Check-In

  • Thursday, July 18th: Junior/Intermediate Western

  • Friday, July 19th: Junior/Intermediate English and Versatility

  • Saturday, July 20th: Junior/Intermediate Contesting

**subject to change


Mentorship Program

  • To Be a mentor:

    • Be in BRIDLE BUNCH for at least 3 years

    • Want to help others

  • To be a mentee (student)

    • Want help with 4-H things, or horse things

  • Both should be willing to commit time outside of 4-H activities, though it is not a requirement

Mentorship forms are due at the March meeting.


T-shirt design winner


Order forms will only be available at the March meeting.  We are working on getting quotes but prices should be around $18-$20 (additional $0.50 if paying with card). Hopefully we will get the shirts ordered by the end of March and have them by our April meeting. 

T-shirt sponsorships are due by March 18.  Logos need to be emailed to no later than March 18.  


Requirements to show at the 2024 Hendricks County Fair

There has been a change to previous years, this year you do NOT have to complete any activities in the book or fill out the personal sheet.  Once you enroll on 4H online and pay the $15 you are eligible to show.  We do, however, recommend doing some activities in the book for your own learning and growth as a 4H member.  Plus you'll get points on the points tracker!  If you want a book you can let Vicki know at a meeting and she will get one for you.  The books are $7.


Flower Sales


Important Links

2024 Horse Vaccination Form

lease agreement

Horse and Pony Handbook

Hendricks County 4H rule book

March Meeting

The meeting was held at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds on March 11th.


Guest Speaker


Sarah Waxman - She spoke about different injuries and when to call a vet.  She gave our member some valuable information.


T-shirt orders were taken.


Flowers orders were due.

 I have orders from the following members.  Pick up will be May 2nd or 3rd.  Once an exact time and date has been picked, I will let you know.

Ellie Burkholder

Shelby Crow

Brooklynne Summers

Brynna Horner

Carter Phillips

Violet Huntimer

Chevy Wardell

Nora Callis

Sylvia Livengood

Jessie Everett

Requirements to show at the 2024 fair

  • Sign up

  • Pay enrollment fee

  • No activity book required, although it's recommended

  • No personal record sheet required


Halter/Showmanship Clinic

April 15 - 9-11, check in begins at 8:30

All members are welcome


Schooling Show - following clinic

April 15 - beginning at 1pm

Schooling Show Showbill

halter clinic and schooling show sign up


Next Meeting

April 8th at 6:30

We will be having a tack sale and our annual fashion show.

Please fill out the form if you would like a table for the tack sale.  If you would like to volunteer to be in the fashion show, fill out the form and we will contact you to verify.  

Tables for tack sale

Fashion Show Sign up



April 8th

Our meeting was on April 8 at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds.  


Items discussed:


Congratulations to our hippology team who competed at Purdue on March 23rd.  Violet Huntimer got 8th place in the junior division and Alissa Benge got 3rd place in the senior division.  Besides Alissa and Violet, team members were Chevy Wardell, Cali, Lucas, Ella Anger, and Jemma Felty.


Important upcoming deadlines:

May 15th is the deadline to:


Register horses on 4H online, any horse you think you might bring to the fair must be registered.  

  • You must upload 2 pictures - a front view with all 4 legs, and a side view with all 4 legs.

  • If you registered horses previously, you still need to go and activate them.

  • There are options to add vaccination and lease forms, but these are not required

Lease agreements are due to the extension office

  • They need to have a paper copy


Grooming Form

Anybody who will be helping you at the fair other than family members, other 4H members, or an approved volunteer, this grooming form must be filled out and turned in by June 15th. If somebody reports seeing a non approved person helping with your horse (grooming, holding, lunging, tacking up), and reports it, we have to follow up with the appropriate people. This could lead to disqualification.


Horse shows after May 15th

The Hendricks County 4H handbook states:


4-H animals exhibited after the animal enrollment deadline at any show by anyone other than the individual whose 4-H enrollment record is connected to the ID of the animal in Indiana 4HOnline will not be eligible to be shown in the 4-H show at the county or Indiana State Fair


Only Parents and siblings are allowed to show the same horse after May 15.


Halter/Showmanship Clinic

check in begins at 8:30 - Make sure to bring your vaccination form, it will be checked. Absolutely no horses in the arena until an approved volunteer is on site.

9-11 - clinic


Schooling Show

There will be a barn tour following the clinic

Concessions will be open for lunch - those that filled out the online form will receive a food voucher, so make sure to come by the show office

There will be paperwork in the barn. To get registered for the show follow these steps

1.Pick up a showbill, fill it out and bring it to the show office.

2. You will be given a back number

3. Your total will be calculated and you can pay


Show begins at 1:00 - make sure to have registration turned in by 12:45


Stalls are $20, $10 will be refunded once the stall is cleaned and checked.


Fashion Show

fashion show slides


Requirements to show at the fair


  • Sign up

  • Pay enrollment fee

  • No activity book required, although it's recommended

  • No personal record sheet required


Flower Pick up

  • Pick up will be on Thursday, May 2nd from 5:15-6:30PM

  • If payment hasn’t been made, it is expected at the time of pick up




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